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Awkward space to access in your corner kitchen units can be solved by the use of corner carousels and Le Mans pull outs.

Unless you have a galley kitchen or an oast
house, which brings challenges all of it's own,
corners in kitchens are a problem really. Space
is not easily accessible, trays fall down into the
space behind the corner fillet, so most of us use
it for items that rarely see the light of day.

Fortunately there are now a number of corner
solutions that bring the contents of the corner
cabinet out to you, rather than you having to take
everything out of the cupboard to get at the fish
kettle you put in there 5 years ago.

Choose from carousels - rotating trays inside the
unit, Le Mans pull out trays - kidney shaped
trays that fully extend into the kitchen or a magic
corner - partly extends into the room whilst
pulling  items stored in the back of the unit
across in front of the cabinet door.
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Should I have a corner sink?

Some of the corner units available from Kitchen
Solutions Kent
Situating the sink in a corner of your kitchen has
pros and cons. On the plus side a diagonal
corner sink base has plenty of room beneath for
plumbing and storage, more room behind the
sink and you gain worktop space under the
window in natural light.

It seems to me that the idea that the sink always
has to go under the window is getting a bit dated.
The days of being stood at the sink for ages
doing the washing up have gone for most people
with the introduction of dishwashers. That said, if
you go for a corner sink you will have to be
careful with the placement of the dishwasher to
avoid the door being a problem when you are at
the sink.
half carousel corner base
carousel in corner base
diagonal corner
corner storeage kitchens
Some of these corner solutions may mean that
you change what you store on your corner
cupboards now that you can easily get at

If you don't want to stretch to the expense of
carousels or pull outs then it might be worth
looking at L shaped corner units as you can open
both doors at once and see the entire contents of

Diagonal base units are also a possibility, they
have a really large internal space, the downside
is that the doors tend to be narrow. A 900mm
corner cabinet will have a 450mm door so you
may find this a hinderance for larger items.
diagonal corner bases in a kitchen
These tablars rorate around the corner fillet.
Le Mans corners pull out completely.
With diagonal corner carousels you
open the door and then rotate the
L shaped corner carousels have to
doors attached to the trays and they
rotate with the mechanism.
The diagonal corner bases in this
room soften the contours of the
kitchen and the corner sink allows
light from the window to be used for
other purposes.

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