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Kitchen designs using colour, texture and light. How we bring your kitchen to life using good interior design practices.

How colour is used in designing kitchens is really
significant because it plays such a crucial part in
affecting emotion. An effective combination of
colours may make your kitchen appear more
energetic and exciting, or understated but
sophisticated. However an incompatible colour
palette can result in a disaster.
Color will determine the mood of any room.
Analysis has demonstrated that red can quicken
ones heart rate and respiration, in addition to
increasing appetite. Yellows, particularly low-
toned yellow, may make individuals feel more
cheerful. Used as an accent colour, iridescent
yellow can draw attention and enliven room. You
are able to use colours to regulate how large or
small the space appears.

Our kitchens come in a wide array of colours and finishes which means your design can be unique and personal.

With colour assuming increased importance,
Nobilia kitchen cabinets, offer the consumer more
choice than most manufacturers. With more than
one hundred different coloured doors to choose
from and the facility to mix and match colours and
styles, it is possible to create a result that is
uniquely yours.  Nobilia  colours include shades
of brown, yellow, red, green and blue, while pastel
colours have made a return in 2012 . Also surface
texture is becoming increasingly important in
kitchen design using materials like stainless
steel, natural woods, glass and polished surfaces.

We use kitchen design software from Planet Fusion to produce our customer's plans. The end result is not quite photo realistic but provides a good platform to visualise what your new room could look like,

image of a kitchen plan

How following some basic principals can help you when it comes to choosing colours for your room.

You may feel confident choosing almost any colour scheme for your kitchen by conforming to a few
fundamental guidelines:

Whatever colour scheme you select for your kitchen design pick out one base colour and no more than
one or two accent colours. It is good practice to employ 3 colours  with a sixty-thirty-ten ratio between
them. Your base colour should take up  around 60% of the total, in all probability  the walls, kitchen units
or worktops; 30 per cent should make up the secondary colour, perhaps the flooring,  window and door
finishes with incidentals such as kitchen utensils, small appliances, pictures etc comprising the final ten
per cent. Monochrome colour combinations may benefit from the utilisation of several tints, tones and
shades. A dab of primary colour, like red, can enliven monochromatic schemes.
For complementary colour combinations apply 2 colors  diametrically opposite to one another on the colour
wheel, maybe purple and yellow, red and green, or turquoise and orange. These palettes are intense and
bring a dramatic feeling and energy to any room decor.

Fortunately with our experience in and the wide array of colours available through our brand we can help
you to achieve the look and style you want in your home. Why not arrange a free kitchen design visit and
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our customers
with a means to
view images and
plans of their
kitchen layout.
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service and there
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to buy until the
plan has been
refined and
finessed to suit
your personal
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Scientists and artists disagree on whether white is a colour.

Scientists consider black to be the absence of light (and colour if you like) and white to be the presence of all colours.  Artists, however, believe the opposite is true -  that white is the absence of colour. 
Thankfully you will be dealing with a decorator who believes if you can get it in a tin it's a colour.
white kitchen colour wheel
The colour wheel is a useful guide when you are thinking about the palette to use with your white or cream kitchen. Devised by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666 it is the first circular diagram of the colour spectrum.
A colour scheme based on colours that are next to each other (ABC) is called analogous whilst using opposites (CD) is called complementery.