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Why you should investigate  ergonomics when thinking about your next kitchen remodel.

We are all individuals, differing in size and height
yet most kitchen designers and buyers do very
little to compensate for this.

Ergonomics is largely confined to "have the
ovens off the floor, it will be easier to get stuff in
and out of them".

Everything else, cooking, food preparation,
washing is usually planned to happen at the
same height whether you are 6ft 4 or 4ft 6.

The height of nearly all kitchen worktops in the
UK is around 900mm, approximately 3ft.
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A great deal of back strain could be relieved by
using ergonomic worktop heights for different
activities undertaken in the kitchen.

For the majority of people having the sink in a
base unit slightly higher than standard makes
ergonomic sense. This is because the critical
height here is determined by the bottom of the
sink, using a standard height kitchen unit means
that the bottom of the sink is too low for most
people to use comfortably for any length of time.
Prepping is usually best done at the height most
of us have are worktops currently set to but many
of use would benefit from the hob being slightly
lower making it more comfortable to use.

Ergonomically designed kitchens are more
common acroos the continent but particularly so
in German kitchens.

It seems that we largley ignore this in the UK in
favour of an even stretch of kitchen worktops
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How worktop height can be used ergonomically in kitchen design.

With the inceasing popularity of induction hobs it
may also be worth considering lowering the
position of wall units as the biggest barrier to this
has been the need to comly with regulations
concerning the installation of gas hobs.
lower hob for ergonomic cooking
oven at right height for easy access
food preparation without back strain
kitchen storage units that take the strain
ergonomic electronic kitchen unit door opening
Three different height zones for washing, prepping and cooking food.
By far the most used element of ergonomic kitchen design used in the UK is situating ovens in tall housings.
It is rare to see 3 levels of worktop used in kitchen design.
Pull out larders are often seen
Servo assisted kitchen doors less so.
make sure your wall units are at the correct height for you
Wall units lower than standard would benefit many of us.
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