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Kitchen lighting, LED or conventional, is now a big part of any kitchen remodelling project.

There was a time when if you had any additional
lighting in your kitchen, other than the ceiling
light, it was probably a couple of  fluorescent
tubes slung under the wall units. Today for many
people kitchen lighting is integral to any new
kitchen design. The advent and development of
LED (light emitting diode) has made it the most
popular choice for most buyers. The 3 main
attractions of LED are:

- cost efficiency, they may be a bigger initial
expense but are significantly cheaper to run than
conventional incandescent lighting and have a
considerably longer lifespan,

- colour, the hues of white light and availability of
RGB LED lighting mean that task and ambient
lighting can be effective and interesting

- discrete, because they are thinner, smaller and
available in a number of styles LED lights reduce
the need for pelmets and cornice. For some,
these are just more things to clean in the
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Here are some suggestions and tips about ambient, task and feature lighting in your kitchen.

This video shows some of the lighting available at
Kitchen Solutions Kent
Ambient lighting.

A successful combination of the 3 is what you
are looking for and the first place you should start
is doing what you can to improve the natural
lighting in the room. Bigger windows, bi-fold
doors, roof lanterns, not having cabinets blocking
the natural light if you can afford to give up the
storage space will all pay dividends. If you have a
textured ceiling get it skimmed smooth and paint
it white, with the best paint you can afford, you
will be astonished at the difference this will
Feature lighting.

Give your kitchen a bit of the wow factor with
some remote controlled RGB lighting. These pan
seamlessly through the colour spectrum making
it easy to set of your cabinets with any accent
colour you like. Glass bottomed wall units with
incorporated light panels also look stunning. Or
how about backlighting a glass splashback for a
stunning finishing touch. Shelving with built in
lighting looks great, provides easy access
storage and additional light.
It would be easy to spend a fortune on lighting for
your kitchen but choose wisely and a few
hundred pounds will really make a difference to
your finished project.
Task lighting.

There are lots of task lighting for kitchens
available today. LED adhesive strips just a few
mm thick, linear LED lights that are very thin and
also good to look at, lighting recessed into the
bottom of wall cupboards, we are able to get
these routered into the cabinet at the factory with
a channel for the wiring so nothing is visible apart
from the light fitting. All of these provide excellent
illumination enabling you to see clearly whatever
the job you are doing in the kitchen. Spotlights in
cupboards or the ceiling will provide a direct pool
of light if you want to incorporate some shadow in
the design.