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Downdraft extractors provide a discreet answer to kitchen ventilation

Downdraft extractors are relatively new in the
kitchen appliance market. They are a neat way to
ventilate your kitchen as when not in use the
extractor is hidden from view.

They can be installed anywhere in a kitchen but
are of particular use if you have a island that your
hob is situated in. This is for a number of

1. The appliance is housed under your worktop
directly behind your hob. When you are not
cooking the appliance is hidden from view. When
you want to use it simply press a button and the
downdraft rises up out of the countertop and you
are good to go. The big plus point here is that the
extractor is out of your eyeline, so that from your
island you have an unimpeded view of the rest of
the room, this is not always the case with a hood
suspended from the ceiling.
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A video of a downdraft extractor in operation.
2. You will need to allow space in the island to
accomodate the downdraft which will require you
to leave a gap between the units that are back to
back, or use the unit directly behind the one
under the hob to house the appliance. If the
motor is going to be installed in the downdraft the
space requirement will increase.

3. If you are going to have an in-line motor, one
situated somewhere in the house between the
downdraft and the exterior you will need to
identify a suitable position for it.

4. An exterior motor, the best option, will require
you to work out the distance between the
downdraft and the motor, too far and the extractor
will be less effective. This maximum distance will
be manufacturer specific and will depend on how
powerful the motor is so research this first.

Feel free to contact us for further advice.
If a downdraft is your prefered solution to kitchen
ventilation then you need to plan further ahead
than required with a conventional extractor,
especially if it will be in your island.

1. You can have a recirculating downdraft which
is easier to plan and install but not as effective as
a ducted one. Recirculating appliances scrub the
air by pushing it through a series of filters but do
not remove it from the room. Ducted is the best
option and if you opt for this you will need to work
out the best route for the ducting kit under the
floor from your island to and outside wall. This
will probably determine the position and size of
your hob and island and you will have to run the
ducting before the installation of the kitchen.
2. Downdraft extractors can be vented under the
floor which is ideal for island units as the ducting
required is completely hidden from view.

3. The motor for a downdraft can be situated
within the extractor, remote from it or even on the
outside of your house. This gives you a number
of options when planning your kitchen ventilation
which is useful if something obstructs installation
of the extractor motor in one of the possible
locations. The ideal location is on the outside of
your house because you will significantly reduce
the noise level in your kitchen when the
downdraft is in use.

What do I need to know if I am planning to install a downdraft extractor in my kitchen?

Can be situated behind downdraft, in line, or outside
Same principal
applies to ceiling

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