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Kitchen worktops in laminate, granite, corian or quartz.
The kitchen worktop is one of the key features in a kitchen. There is a lot to consider when making your choice of countertop.

Prices for kitchen worktops vary considerably depending on the type of material used. Laminate worktops tend to be the most cost effective solution with quartz worktops and  granite worktops at the other end of the scale.

There are also practical applications that you need to think about, like how you use your kitchen. Do you want to cut things directly on your worktop. Do you have children? If so you may want to minimise sharp edges on your countertop for example. Is your replacement kitchen a long term investment that you intend to use for years to come? If so you may want to consider spending a bit more and going for a granite or Corian worktop. Both have advantages and disadvantages but tend to be durable, long lasting and good to look at.

Lastly the overall style of your kitchen will determine some aspects of your worktop choice. Country cottage style kitchens lend themselves to a different style of kitchen worktops than modern looking kitchens.You may opt for a solid wood worktop for one and , say, stainless steel for the other.

Kitchen Solutions Kent can supply kitchen woktops in any material in any size from standard to custom made. Please feel free to contact us for any help or advice.
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