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German modern kitchens allow you to achieve and edgy loft or a cool classy style statement.

Our modern German kitchen collection is extremely flexible, allowing you to create a look from industrial through to sophisticated. You can also make easy, but interesting, transformations between your kitchen, diner and living areas. Teaming different colours works well for that contrasting look.

Modern kitchens are a speciality of ours, the wide range of product, colours and finishes allow us to create fantastic modern kitchen designs.

Geometry, lighting and the choice of materials used play a big part in modern kitchens and the versatility of our offer means that we can work with you to create really interesting, practical an inspiring designs. Our base units are available in 3 different heights, wall units come in 5 different heights and kitchen doors can be hinged, hinged in parallel, bi fold or sliding.
Lighting is an integral part of the units and can be fitted at the factory. Both wall and base units can be lit and the use of lighting ranges from task, ambient, spotlights and plinth lighting. Used well these can have a dramatic and useful affect on the overall concept.
A wide range of materials such as glass, lacquer, stainless steel are available to you because, in truth modern kitchen designs are very much a matter of personal choice. Whatever your taste in kitchen furniture and style you can be assured that we have the products and the knowledge to provide you with a finished result that is not only relevant in 2018 but will continue to be for many years to come

What's new for 2019 in modern kitchens?

Currently popular is the use of a metal, concrete and ceramic effect finishes. These, combined with softer, natural wood finishes brings an interesting contrast of light and textures and it's certainly a look that won't look dated in 5 or 10 years time.

We are able to supply and fit German modern  kitchens locally in Meopham, Wrotham and Longfield.

We can supply or install high gloss kitchens anywhere in the Southeast of England but are local to Wrotham, Longfield and Meopham
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