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Feature on kitchen islands
Kitchen islands are popular today with uses that are many and varied. What you are going to use yours for will have ramifications on your kitchen design. Read more.
Tips on lighting
Lighting will make a big difference to your existing or new kitchen. LED lights mean that there is now much more available than there was just a few years ago. Read more.
Check out the best way to make use of the space in the corners of your kitchen and the advantages that having a corner sink could bring you. Read more.
Kitchen corner units
feature on kitchen corner units
All about downdrafts
downdraft extractor
What are downdraft extractors, how they work and what you need to know if you are thinking about installing one in your kitchen.  Read more.
Us on TV
We recently collaborated with Doghouse Media to make a programme for the UKTV Home Makeover channel . Read more.
Working in London
Living and working in London has it's moments for all of us, including kitchen designers and installers.. Read more.
Dishwasher problems?
tips to keep your dishwasher running well
Does your dishwasher have a personal hygiene problem, leak or leave you with dirty dishes? Some simply steps to remedy the situation.  Read more.
What is Corian?
what is corian
Learn about the properties of Corian. How it is made and fabricated and what a solid surface worktop could do for your kitchen  Read more.
The Kitchen Industry
Ergonomic kitchens
Investigate how ergonomic design could make your kitchen easier to work in. Read more.